To book our rooms, you can
book online
give us a call 0064 - 9 - 5245044
email us bookings@devereux.co.nz
Airport 17.4 Km, about 25 minutes
Mission Bay 6.3 Km, about 13 minutes
Auckland City Center 5.4 Km, about 10 minutes
Auckland Domain 3.2 Km, about 7 minutes

Term & Condition

  • Term & Condition
    Term & Condition Customers need to check out at normal time range before 10 am. otherwise please notices our receptionist. Customers need to check in at normal time range after 2 pm. otherwise please notices our receptionist. Please email us on Bookings@devereux.co.nz with any circumstances with your booking, even after booked online. When a booking is made, allow a minimum of 12 to 18 hours to process your booking. (due to international time) Your room booking status will be booked with our confirmation letter and/or invoice letter. Any invalid date, number or rooms or the number of people will be rejected even you had pay and receive the confirmation letter and/or invoice letter. There will be a % fee deducted when a refund of deposit made at the time of booking by PayPal. Bookings will not be accepted if booking status remains pending and no confirmations are sent. Please do contact the reservations if a confirmation is not sent to you after 12 hours. We try to provide the best service we could.